Photo: A bird in the hand is worth…You can’t put a price on these banded plover chicks who are making a comeback thanks to dedicated conservation partners. Photo credit: K. Castelein/ORBIC

Whether you say plover with a long ‘o’ (rhymes with ‘over’) or plover with a short ‘o’ (rhymes with…




When confronted with a cuddly cat, the lizard simply continues to lizard.

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I love animal friendships

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Y de repente locura cabril. 


Fun things to do with goggies.



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Parasitic Wasps: Alien on Earth 

They may look peaceful in this gauzy digital simulation, but parasitic wasp embryos inspired the infamous “birth” scene in the 1979 horror flick Alien.Injected into a caterpillar by their mother, the once egg-encased wasp embryos develop for about 14 days. Then things get ugly.

In a biological attack unique in the animal world, the unassuming embryos use a virus in their DNA to paralyze their host. They bite their way out of the caterpillar and begin spinning cocoons.

As a final insult to the injured host, the caterpillar—apparently brain-addled by the virus—builds a silky blanket over its attackers and defends them against predators until the wasps emerge, fully formed, and take to the skies.